With an incredibly high ceiling in our Hove store, the opportunity to use the wall space as a gallery could not be missed. The space lends itself to larger pieces and the gallery hanging system we use can accommodate pictures of up to 25KG

If you would like to book the gallery, we charge a £50.00 hanging fee and take a 35% commission when a piece is sold.  We will also promote your work on our social media.  For more details please call Gillian or Adam on 01273 72 82 82

Art Shop & Pottery Ltd 108 Western Rd Hove BN3 1FA 01273 72 82 82  sales@artshopandpottery.com

Wall 1:  Displaying John Hancock's Oil Paintings

The Gallery

Wall 2:  Displaying Gillian Campbell  

Wall 1. Displaying John Hancock's Oil Paintings